Pertinent Screening Assays

As a designer, our PhDs and engineers elaborates original readouts using innovative technologies to reveal in vitro the molecular cause of diseases. Our raw material is patient primary cells. The reconstituted disease process is turned into a screening assay and allows the testing of thousands of molecules.

APTEEUS founders experienced in Pharmacy designed and assembled a proprietary collection of molecules for therapeutic repurposing. Screening of this unique collection leads to the identification of drug candidates, leads and new targets against monogenetic disorders.


The Future breakthrough Medicines

Armed with state-of-the-art experimental protocols, our high-throughput screening (HTS) team generates the Pharmacogrammes® of patients within weeks. Our semi-automated approach enables us to achieve the industrialization of discovery processes—screening thousands of compounds against tens of in vitro reconstituted diseases.

Pharmacogrammes® deconvolution allows to the selection of promising leads and drug candidates with a good translation ability of their efficacy in the clinic.


Disease Modifying Therapies

‘Fast translation to the clinic’ is what we all intend to at APTEEUS, following all paths that guaranties patients a secure and fast access to new therapies.