In March 2020, Professor Benoit Deprez and Dr. Terence Beghyn, have decided to get involved in the fight against Covid19. The only way to respond quickly is to identify, among the molecules that can be used in humans, a molecule capable of reducing infection with the SARS-CoV2 virus.

Within the Task Force established on the Campus of the Institut Pasteur de Lille, our teams developed a screening assay (inspired by our technology) measuring the suffering of the infected cells. Then, this assay was used to test our collection of molecules approved in humans (TEELibrary).

Though such strategy are commonly used around the world, it is the uniqueness of the TEE Library that makes the difference. Indeed, it contains molecules approved in humans, either worldwide or within a few countries.

It is an active ingredient of a drug which is marketed in few countries that has attracted the attention of the Task Force. This medicine has not been identified by others and may be exclusive of the TEE Library. Its profile perfectly meets the specifications of the candidate drug against covid. Dr. Sandrine Bélouzard and Dr. François Trottein from the team of Dr. Jean Dubuisson’s team characterized the effect of our candidate in several models of SARS-CoV2 infection in high security laboratories.

It is now necessary to demonstrate the medical interest through a clinical trial which will take place in the Hauts de France territory, Therapide, promoted by the Institut Pasteur de Lille and led by Professor Benoit Deprez. 

The project received the “National Research Priority” label, granted by Capnet, that notably allows exclusive access to an accelerated procedure for evaluating the regulatory authorization file by the ethical Committee and the National Security Agency of Medicines and health products (ANSM). 

The clinical trial is the last step to judge the medicinal usefulness of the drug before we can enrich our therapeutic arsenal against CoViD19 alongside vaccines.