APTEEUS is innovating in the field of individualized medicine. Its mission is to realize the full value of drugs and to reduce the time and cost of developing new medicines for orphan patients.

APTEEUS involves the patient and his medical doctor in the discovery of a treatment and the individualized repositioning of a drug.

We have developed an innovative technology that is able to test all available active pharmaceutical ingredients in the world directly on patient cells. That technology helps in identifying promising therapeutic candidates for patients suffering from orphan diseases. It is then the starting point of a new clinical and pharmaceutical development in the new indication for the population of patients concerned.

This innovative process progressively engages patients in the development of the drug on the basis of the response of their cells to treatment. The repositioning of the drug resulting is less risky, less expensive and faster than the development of new molecules. We best respond to medical need in the field of rare and orphan diseases, taking into account the individuality of each.