APTEΞUS is a Biotech specialized in drug discovery and repositioning.

Its field of activity covers a large number of rare monogenic diseases for which it is possible to measure the cause of the disease on cells of patients in culture. Based on the same foundations as personalized medicine, we consider the uniqueness of each patient in all the research programs we conduct. Motivated by science, medicine and pharmacy, we involve patients in the search for their own treatment at the individual level.

In order to reconcile the time of research with that of medicine, our first approach is based on the repositioning of molecules approved in humans. The objectives of the TEAM are to respond quickly to the medical needs of patients by identifying candidates for repositioning and also to identify new avenues of treatment for these diseases and less rare diseases.

evidenceFactory® is the miniaturized and automated cell screening technology that we have developed and offer in partnership with patient organizations, research teams and pharmaceutical companies. The use of primary cells directly from patients through the OPERANDO® project (NCT03763864) allows us to reproduce in vitro the physiopathology of the patient’s disease and to measure the effect of the molecules in our unique and proprietary TEE Library® collection.

With its PARTNERS, APTEEUS is fully committed to hereditary metabolic diseases and genodermatoses, but also considers other diseases.

The technological competitive advantages associated with APTEEUS’ development models are a complete break with the classic pharmaceutical R&D scheme and make APTEEUS a pioneer in Europe in providing economically viable solutions for the therapeutic management of rare monogenic diseases. APTEEUS aims for a rapid and significant social impact in the field of rare and orphan diseases.