Terence Beghyn 

PharmD, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry

After obtaining the Pharmacy degree and the PhD in medicinal chemistry, in 2007 Terence was appointed lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lille. Being passionate about drug discovery, he participated in the implementation of several high-tech platforms and the design of the chemical library on the screening platform of the Institut Pasteur de Lille. His research work, focused on the discovery of novel pharmacological activities of drugs already on the market, was funded to the tune of €550,000 by two ANR Emergence programs. Terence is the author of more than 10 peer-reviewed scientific articles and inventor on 6 patent families resulting from his research work. In 2010 with Benoit Deprez they launched the pharmaRedux project. Incubated by Eurasanté, this project was awarded at OSEO-MESR Emergence in 2011 and Creation-Development in 2012, subsidizing the latter to the tune of €275,000. In December 2013, they created the company APTEEUS where Terence is successfully engaged as CEO.

Benoit Deprez 

Pr, PhD, PharmD

Benoit holds an industrial pharmacy degree, completed with a PhD in combinatorial chemistry. With André Tartar, in 1994, he created the automated parallel synthesis laboratory at the Institut Pasteur de Lille, which became the drug discovery department of Cerep, (30 employees). To finance its development, Cerep went public in 1998, after signing an important collaboration agreement with Sanofi. At the end of 1999, Benoit and part of his team joined the young company Devgen to launch drug discovery activity.
In 2006, he founded a drug discovery research laboratory at INSERM. The laboratory has run into several collaborations with industries and licensed several patents.
Benoit was a member of the Strategic Committee of Inserm-transfert for 5 years. He is a member of the National Academy of Pharmacy and an advisor for several venture capital investment funds. He is the author of 80 international publications and 12 patent families. In March 2014, he obtained an MBA from EDHEC.

Operational team

Thibaut Vausselin 

PhD in molecular and cellular biology

Camille Moreau 

Engineer in Analytical Chemistry

Loïc Belloy 

MSc in Biotechnology

Arthur Grenon 

MSc in Biotechnology

Nadjla Hammoudi 

MSc in Chemistry and Life Sciences