The Operando® project is a biomedical research project involving the human (NCT 03763864). Approved by an ethical  committee and declared to the ANSM (French Health autorities), this project aims to constitute a collection of fibroblasts and keratinocytes derived from cutaneous biopsies performed in patients with monogenic diseases. These cells are cryo-preserved and used in our research programs.

Cutaneous biopsy is a simple and painless procedure that must be performed by a doctor.


This is the technology we use on patients’ cells to highlight the causal defect of their symptoms. Based on microscopy and mass spectrometry, thousands of molecules can be screened in a few days to identify new drug candidates and therapeutic targets.


TEΞLibrary is our collection of molecules approved for human use that we test in all our cell screening. Composed of several thousand molecules, this collection is growing every day to increase our opportunities to identify new drug candidates.