This is thanks to an innovative strategy of Individualized Medicine, that the pair of Pharmacists, Terence Beghyn and Benoit Deprez were awarded at the Concours Mondial de l’Innovation in the category “Individualized Medicine” the 18th of July.
ID2STOP Orphan is the name given to the program and pushing to the extreme the principle of personalized medicine. This is the boldness of the founders of APTEEUS to bring the tools of drug research at the bedside of patients suffering from rare and orphan diseases, that seduced the Innovation Committee. Their technology allows, from cells from a biopsy and genetic information of a patient, to test all drugs in the world and thus to identify a treatment available immediately. The technology is now quite fast and miniaturized to be offered to any new patient with one of the many inherited metabolic diseases, diseases that collectively affect 1 in 2,500 newborns in Europe, mostly without treatment.